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Peer to Peer Mentoring

Referred by: The Dept. Of Health & Human Services Child Welfare Unit

•Engage, motivate and educate parents to ensure children live in stable, healthy homes.

•Let parents know they are not alone.

•Listen without judgment and provide an understanding ear, while focusing on healing and accountability.

•Help parents identify their family’s strengths.

•Assist parents in setting and achieving goals.

•Assist with identifying and accessing community resources.

•Attend court, family team meetings and school meetings with the parent(s).

•Provide transportation to court, family team meetings and court ordered evaluations when needed.

•Help locate funding for housing, clothing, transportation, food, utilities, and medical needs.

•Assist with budgeting and employability.

•Provide parenting training.

•Support family in locating and completing substance abuse evaluation/treatment when needed, including attending AA and NA meetings with parents.

•Advocate for the family.

Family Peer Support

Provide peer-to-peer advocacy for families whose youth have emotional, behavioral, and/or mental health issues.

•Work with the family to develop strategies to meet their goals.

•Including school issues, behavior modification, safety plans, care plans and other needs.

•Goal is to help support the family in whatever way the family determines is needed.

Journey to Success 

Youth Leadership and Life Skills Workshops

Empowering youth to achieve their full potential and realize their dreams. 

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